Roger Ulasovetz
1 - 404 Jeckell St.
Whitehorse Yukon
Canada Y1A 1V2

Telephone: (867) 334-5593



I, Roger Ulasovetz, understand that buying paintings is a major decision and I appreciate your concerns.  To help take some of the worry out of your purchase I will give you a special guarantee – a guarantee I can offer you because I believe my work offers outstanding value for money.  I back this up by offering a Satisfaction-or-Money-Back Guarantee.  Buyers can get their money back, less shipping expenses, by returning the painting, within thirty days after purchase, in its original condition, with no questions asked.  This guarantee applies to artwork sold by the artist Roger Ulasovetz only. 

Questions and Answers:

– What if I get it home and it doesn’t look right?
A – Above guarantee applies.

Q – What if I decide later on I don’t like the painting so much?
A – Above guarantee applies.

Q – It’s so much money; could I be making a big mistake?
A If any "mistake" could be made, I guess it would be purchasing art for the sake of filling space, or as an investment, without thought to the connections it makes with the viewer. 

Q – Am I being ripped off?  A work like this may be cheaper elsewhere.
A – All original artwork is priced by the artist.  Prices may vary from time to time because of overhead costs involved in the sale of the artwork.

Q – I’ve never heard of the artist.  Why should I buy one of his paintings?
A – Artwork should be bought because the art makes a connection with the viewer.  Unless the art is bought as an investment (most art isn’t), the artist is a secondary consideration.  Over time, art buyers often purchase more than one piece of artwork made by a particular artist.