This picture of Aggie Ulasovetz was taken in 2004.
Aggie passed away on December 19th, 2005, after a short fight with cancer.


"Mountain Lake" is a pastel painting (4-3/4" X 7") that Aggie completed in about 15 minutes. She always painted as quickly as she could and never painted with any reference material. She never took more than a couple of hours to complete any painting. Even when we were painting outdoors she would paint from her imagination while I painted 'plein air'. She never took any painting lessons and I very seldom made any suggestions, and did so only when she wanted. Unfortunately the paintings that she sold were sold before I had a chance to photograph them and I can't include them here.



"Sunset" was another of Aggie's many instant impressions, of her imagination, completed very quickly. This pastel painting is 4-1/2" x 7".

This pastel painting on paper, "Aggie's Scene" ( 20" x 25"), is in my opinion, Aggie's finest painting. As always it was completed very quickly and was entirely from her imagination. It was also her last pastel painting, because she found that the pastel dust bothered her, and she did not like wearing a face mask. After this painting she changed to oil paints.

Aggie's Scene

Untitled Painting by Aggie, completed in 1992, 9"x12", Oil on Canvas Board, and as always, from her imagination.

Untitled by Aggie