This picture of Aggie Ulasovetz was taken in 2004.
Aggie passed away on December 19th, 2005, after a short fight with cancer.


Aggie always was prayful and wrote prayers for many people. This one was written for the RCMP and was published in their "RCMP Quarterly" publication (Fall 2001 Edition). 


Dear Lord, you have given  us a beautiful world to live in.

There are many different people, each with their own career.

One group stands out, in their uniforms.


Their job makes them very busy.

Not only do they find and arrest those who break the law,

they protect us from them.

They are Peacemakers.

They stop fights between people.

When somebody gets hurt, they administer first aid.

When a person becomes very upset, and weeps,

they become very special, and comfort them.

I believe the hardest part of their job,

is when they have to give the sad news to a family;

that a loved one,

has suddenly died.

Too often, this is when an innocent person

dies because of another person drinking.

Lord, they are trained to help us in many ways

so that we can enjoy the life  you have given to us.

I pray that each day you walk with them,

and protect them.

Many of them are married and have children.

Bless their families.

Thank you for the many lives they save.

Thank you Lord, for the RCMP.

Bless them and protect them.

Be with them every day.

Lord, there are times when I hear

that an RCMP Officer has been shot and has died.

I don’t know the Officer, but I bow my head,

and I pray for him,

and his family.

Thank you Jesus, for these wonderful RCMP.

May we all open our eyes and recognize

that their job is dangerous.

Be with their families.

Be with them.

Aggie Ulasovetz



The following prayer was written by Aggie for a friend who was about to undergo a serious heart operation. The operation was very successful. After that, she gave this prayer to many people about to have an operation and she also received many requests for it.


Dear Lord, as I kneel down to pray, I need you by my side.

I trust you and also believe in you each day.

Not a day goes by when I don’t give you thanks for another day.

Be with me through this long journey.

You know about my operation.

I pray and believe you will guide their hands

through this operation.

I also ask you to be there.

Knowing you are near, Father in heaven,

everything will be alright.

In the meantime, keep watch over my family

and many friends.

Thank you Jesus.


Aggie Ulasovetz



This is a short poem that I found a little while ago while going through Aggie’s stuff.


As the years roll by,

I often wonder if we will all be together some day.

Each night I wander through the graveyard darkness and pray.

Aggie Ulasovetz



"Missing My Parents" is a prayer that still touches many people. Aggie wrote it shortly after her Mother, Laura, died in a vehicle accident on the Dempster Highway near Inuvik.


I feel an aching in my heart, Lord.

Suddenly the world got so big

and I have this empty feeling inside

bringing tears to my eyes.

Crying uncontrollably.

Lord I need your loving arms around me.

I believe, Lord, you will make me feel better.

Lord, I felt like this since my Mother and Father passed on

to a better place.

You know Lord, there are times when something wonderful happens,

and I just need to talk with them.

I have things to say.

I have questions to ask.

How can they answer me?

This makes it hard Lord; my heart aches

and I miss them very much.

Mom, when I found you crying for my husband and I,

and you said, "you are both leaving me,"

it broke my heart.

I held your hands then,

and we both cried.

Now I want to say how much we love you,

and miss you both very much.

Now you are with Jesus.

You are in a better place where there is no more pain, tears or sorrow.

You are in the mansions where Jesus promises to take us,

when it's time for us to meet again.

Aggie Ulasovetz



The following prayer tells us much about Aggie. She always had compassion and consideration and love for all, and always looked at the good in everybody.


Dear Lord, you hear our voices when we pray in church.

You also hear when we sing in church.

Some of us sing very well,

and a few of us, while doing our best, to add another voice

to the church choir,

sing out of tune.

Like life

we try our best to stay on the right path,

but we stumble along the way.

We then accept your help

and get back on the right path.

Lord, I know you heard Cheryl sing.

Her voice, like an angel,

singing, soft and sweet;

A voice echoing towards heaven.

Please bless her,

and her family.

May she always sing to heaven.

We have heard a bit of heaven

when we heard her sing.

May you send many blessings to her

every day of her life.

Thank you Jesus for the many things she does

for you.

Aggie Ulasovetz


While looking for some of Aggie's sketches recently, I came upon these thoughts, hand written on a piece of paper, by Aggie. 


In this life, I am in my own way, always a child.

In my lifetime, there are many loved ones who passed on.
I love them very much.
Two people who are gone to be forever with God
as I write my thoughts of them, with tears flowing,
knowing they are not around any more;
in my heart and soul,
I need them more than ever.

Sometime, to just sit and talk;
or when I can't decide on some important things,
to receive advice with much respect.

Many times I find myself thinking of those passed on.

Mom and Dad, I thank you both from the bottom of my heart
for everything you have done for me.
Above all, you taught us to love and obey God.
Mom and Dad, I stand up before you,
and say a thankful prayer,
my eyes full of tears.

Mom, you once said to my husband,
that God is making a golden road for us
as we journey through this life.

I believe in God;
He will never leave us.
He will always be by our side,
watching over  us
with his tender loving care.

Aggie Ulasovetz